Dear Readers, Friends & fellow Travellers,

In a nutshell:

My name is Tatiana, I live in Singapore, I like travelling, photography and really long walks.


A little note on the name of this blog.

My full name is Ermolina Tatiana Ivanovna & I was always fascinated with my full name abbreviation – ETI (It sounds a bit like Yeti, right? And as I am myself from a very cold place I find it appropriate)

There are so many wonderful word combinations you can make with them… I won’t open all the cards here, but I’m going to use these possibilities in here, so stand by.

What is this blog about and why would it be interesting for you?

This blog is about travelling. Travelling alone and in a group, travelling with a plan and without, travelling to the most touristy places and least known destinations.

What else? It is about photography & adventures, experience & exploring, about intriguing expectations of seeing new places and occasional little disappointments & how to still find joy in them.

I lived in 2 countries in South East Asia (2.5 years in China and now 3 years in Singapore), where I moved without having a job, friends, family or any other help for that matter. I started from scratch twice now and a lot of people told me that I am very brave and need to share my experience, so I decided to give it a try.

I would be happy to share not only how to find your way in a new place but also how to find something new in the place you visited multiple times (or live in), I would share notes, interesting & hopefully useful facts about the places I’ve been to.

I try to travel often, I like exploring, I walk a lot (really a lot) & I always find something entertaining, so I hope both old time & novice travellers will find something unique, fascinating & helpful in this blog.

Take your time to explore the site; live your comments about the blog & your own travel experience; inspire me with your notes, wishes & questions and, of course, subscribe to the ‘new posts’ newsletter.

Thank you & hope you’ll enjoy your time here with me.