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Category: China

People in China


People are every country’s greatest asset, aren’t they?

I know Chinese people can be overwhelming at times, but that is not a reason to turn down the opportunity to get to know this wonderful nation.

Chinese people are very helpful, cheerful, hospitable and amiable. Yes, it is easier if you can speak the language, but even if you don’t, you would be able to notice their positive attitude towards life. They would be happy to show you the road (mind, though, they would do so even if they are not sure how to get there themselves), make a picture for you and even happier if you can make a picture with them instead.

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Chinese language


I love Chinese language! Don’t you find it intriguing to understand the meaning of those pictures on paper? To be able to read them? I think Chinese written language is beautifully structured and oral language is poetic. The characters are interesting to look at and they always fascinated me in many ways.

For one, Chinese language represents the oldest language and the most ancient writing system in the world that still exists. Plus, it is used by the majority of the population of Earth no less: more than one billion Chinese speakers (800 million of which speak Mandarin) over just about 300 million English speakers.

More than that, it makes sense. I know it looks complicated, but it really does make sense. For example, character 安 that means “secure”, “calm” consists of 2 radicals (宀 + 女) – “roof” & “woman”underneath it. I do believe you can understand a lot about the culture and people from the language they speak. Thus, for Chinese, to be calm and secure means a mother at home. Isn’t that great?

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Diversity of travelling destinations in China

why China is Special to me – REASON#2

China is huge and there are so many places to visit. It might just be the reason some think you need a great deal of time for visiting this country. Together with a visa obtaining system, it seems bothersome. It is indeed easier to travel to a smaller country with just one point of interest, but, please, don’t neglect China just because of the reason of convenience. Travelling in China is an astonishing experience. It is a country that can show you a way better variety of destinations than you can imagine. It can surprise you with what it has to offer.

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10 Reasons China is Special to me

When I tell people I spent almost 3 years in China a lot of them look at me sympathetically and say: “Oh, it must have been horrible”. I have no idea where this image of living in China came from, but – no, it was not. It was an amazing, great, inspiring, interesting and absolutely enchanting experience.

How so? What is there to like?

There are things that are perplexed & many and more that are not so captivating. Yes, pollution is really bad and no, I don’t like people spitting on the streets; but there are no perfect countries as there are no perfect people.

China is beautiful, diverse, it is always ready to engage you, to envelope you and if you give China a chance – you will not be disappointed.

So in 10 short (or not so short) articles I want to share my view on why China is special.

Not all of the reasons are unique. After all, people who like China are attracted by the same things. From my side, I’ll try to bring in something new, and if not – at least to show those same positive sides from a different angle.

I do it with the hope that you can learn something and, in my deepest dreams, that it might be what changes your mind to visit this beautiful country.

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