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10 Reasons China is Special to me

When I tell people I spent almost 3 years in China a lot of them look at me sympathetically and say: “Oh, it must have been horrible”. I have no idea where this image of living in China came from, but – no, it was not. It was an amazing, great, inspiring, interesting and absolutely enchanting experience.

How so? What is there to like?

There are things that are perplexed & many and more that are not so captivating. Yes, pollution is really bad and no, I don’t like people spitting on the streets; but there are no perfect countries as there are no perfect people.

China is beautiful, diverse, it is always ready to engage you, to envelope you and if you give China a chance – you will not be disappointed.

So in 10 short (or not so short) articles I want to share my view on why China is special.

Not all of the reasons are unique. After all, people who like China are attracted by the same things. From my side, I’ll try to bring in something new, and if not – at least to show those same positive sides from a different angle.

I do it with the hope that you can learn something and, in my deepest dreams, that it might be what changes your mind to visit this beautiful country.


It is an ancient practice since the first emperors that vegetation in China is planned and planted so that something, be it flowers or trees, is always in bloom. Chinese garden never “dies”.

And though you can find green colours throughout the whole year even in cold northern Beijing, the brightest and most colourful season is, without any doubt, Spring.  In gardens, Spring will start with pond lilies & lotuses, but the city itself will see the arrival of Spring with plum trees.

Spring in China is incredible. Everything is blooming! So many colours in so many shades, shapes and smells that it makes your head dizzy. White mesmerising Frangipanis & magnificent Yulan Magnolias; fields of golden-yellow Rape Flowers and deep purple Wild Flowers; pink peach, apricot, cherry & plum blossoms (my personal favourite); red Chinese Roses, Chinese Flowering Crabapple and so many many more that I cannot name.

You don’t feel like you’re in the middle of the  buzzing city anymore. You walk along the streets and the smells surround you bringing you peace, sense of happiness, serenity and security.

If you are arguing about when to visit China – do it in Spring. The weather is just perfect – not cold and not too hot, no August rainstorms and no shimmering November sun. It is also windy enough to drive away the industrial smog.

Let me show you the month of April in three different parts of China – deserts of Inner Mongolia, grand city of Beijing & mountain region of Jiangxi.


Inner Mongolia:


Please subscribe below to see the rest and feel free to leave comments. I’ll be happy to hear and discuss your view on China in general and on Spring in China in particular. Maybe we have same ideas… Great minds think alike, don’t we? 😉